A Guide to Effective Email Marketing for Property

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Email Marketing is not going anywhere - It’s not a ground-breaking or bold claim, and it’s certainly not something you won’t have heard before. However, there’s a reason you’ll keep hearing it, and an even bigger and better reason why you should be listening to – and acting on it.

According to data from marketing experts Smart Insights, the average open rate of property and real-estate based emails is 20.48%. That’s almost a quarter of your emails getting opened and getting seen. It’s high conversion, and low cost. It’s a marketer’s dream.

Here’s the iCreate guide to effective email marketing.

1. Getting seen. Getting heard.

In their busy day-to-day lives, your customers are consuming media and advertising in many different ways. But answer this: How many times a day do YOU check your inbox? It’s probably the first thing you do when you get to work?

Being the first thing your target audience and your prospects see in a day? Well, that’s priceless.  A perfectly targeted – and timed – email then, can work marketing magic. So why aren’t you capitalising on it as much as you should?

2. Email as a marketing support

More than this though, a clear and consistent approach to email content assists your marketing and advertising efforts in other ways too. For instance, email is a hugely valuable and effective way to distribute and support your PR efforts, and aid the creation and distribution of highly targeted blog content.

3. Targeted, tailored emails

That really is the key “takeaway” here. Your email marketing efforts need to be just that – targeted. By breaking down your electronic direct mail (EDM) campaigns into segmented target audience lists – this will make sure you’re speaking to a clear audience, and reaching them with relevant content.

Back up conversations you’ve had or advice you’ve given to a lead, show them that you’re an industry leader, prove to them why they should choose you. Reinforcing your messages through email is simple, effective, and will push up that aforementioned open-rate.

4. Make them regular

Prospects’ memory is also short-lived. So to be “top of mind” when a prospect is choosing a property to purchase not only requires overcoming the initial awareness phase, frequent contact increases the odds of getting business and lower’s the costs of getting it.

4. Automated emails

Setting up automated email campaigns is a key part of any email marketing strategy and have many benefits to your overall marketing and business plan. Here at iCreate, we use Campaign Monitor to ensure that no matter when a lead registers on your landing page, they all enter an email sequence.

Welcome emails such as this build your brand, show your leads what to expect, and introduce them to your project in detail without needing to say it all in the first email they receive. These triggered emails have high open and click-through rates because they are timely and your leads are still super-interested in what you’ve got to say.

5. It’s not about YOU

The final thing to take from this guide is that your emails shouldn’t all be about YOU or make a hard sell. Whether it’s an immediate autoresponder following an enquiry, a promotional EDM, or a targeted blog post; your prospect needs to be front and centre.

What’s in it for them? That’s what they’ll ask themselves, and that’s what your property marketing needs to tell them. Make it personal, make it engaging, and make it highlight your benefits over your product alone. As part of your advertising mix, email is vital. And you need to be using it well.

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